About Us

Our Mission

ABC Metals is a Service center specializing in precision slit metal products. In every relationship, we demonstrate our commitment to integrity and service.

Company Profile

ABC Metals recognizes your need for speed from your materials supplier. With four strategic locations in North America and a team aligned with your need for speed, these are our commitments to you:

Organization Commitment –

  • Our teams understand and are empowered to
    ensure the speed of service and performance
    to earn and maintain your business
  • Organizational experience and depth enable proactive management of your requirements and demand

Delivery Commitment –

  • On demand coil processing and delivery
    within four working days
  • Stocking programs for JIT and
    KAN BAN systems
  • A fleet of trucks for inter-company and
    customer logistics management and
  • Get what you need when you need it

Quality Commitment –

  • ISO 9001 registered in 2006 Certified and validated materials from the most respected mills in the industry
  • Our slitting process provides for +/-.003 or better, exceeding industry standards
  • Thirty-Seven years of experience serving the metal stamping and processing industry