Industry Lead Time Impact – Feb 11 2021

To: Our Valued Partners and Customers Re: Industry Lead Times and Supply-Side Constraints The domestic Brass and Copper mills are now quoting lead times at 7 months. Since Q4 2020, domestic brass and copper producers have been quoting ever increasing lead times. In early-January, domestic mills were quoting April thru June, and now in the beginning of February we see lead times into October. Surging demand for bare and plated automotive brass, along with strong demand for high copper grades used in the electrical and industrial market segments have forced domestic producers to implement industry wide allocation of production capacity....
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Change to Freight Terms and Conditions – Oct 12 2020

Re: Default Standard Terms & Condition of Sale shall be delivery, Ex-Works ABC facility. Effective October 12th 2020, ABC Metals will no longer deliver product on a pre-paid basis for shipments having a combined weight of less than 9500 lbs. per BOL destination. The new freight rates associated with the 2019 revised government standards and regulations have been absorbed by metal producers over the last 18 months, during which time the industry (and ABC Metals) attempted to renegotiate and find various alternate solutions to offset the impact while determining if such changes would be reversed, or become permanent. It is...
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